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Airflow Pillow
₹ 649/-

Sizes: 16”x 24”
Fibre: 3D Nano Silicon Virgin Fibre
Fabric: 100% Superfine Cotton
Extra Support Technology (EST)
Double Stitched Shell
Premium Cord Piping

Group 49

Long Lasting Durability

Group 19

Stays Refreshingly

Group 18

Light Weight
& Extra Soft Pillow

Support your
neck yearns

At Habico, we have been attentively cherry-picking top quality materials that assures support and maintains a normal Cervical Curve which allows your head to balance above your shoulders with relative ease. The loss of the normal cervical curve affects the lung, heart and the digestive system negatively. Our pillows take ‘extra’ care of your posture and maintains the normal cervical curve which is not only important for your comfort but also for you top most health, It enhances your sleep posture driving you through the freshness you need all day and night long.

Ultra Breathable

An exquisite range of ultimate comfort pillows infused with Ultra Breathable Pillow technology composed to enhance airflow which allows you to breathe comfortably in any position and dream magic! The constant airflow through the pillow backed by extra softness and extreme care ensures that you get the ’extra’ mind refreshing rest and blissful sleep that your body craves for, Now sleep and breathe easy with Habico ultra breathable pillow!